SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

From: $449.00 / month

Scope of Service: (details in description)

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Onsite Optimization
    a. Onsite SEO audit and changes at the beginning of the project and when needed
    b. Onsite Blogging (recurs each month)
  3. Offsite Optimization (Creation of inbound links from different sources)
  4. Reputation Enhancement with Optimized Press Releases
  5. Penalty Diagnosis
  6. Content Creation (Press releases, onsite blog posts, guest posts, and articles)
  7. Local SEO
  8. Google Analytics Dashboards Setup
  9. Security Audit
  10. Video SEO
  11. Link Audit
  12. Mobile SEO
  13. Ranking and Link Building Reports

Our SEO Success Tools:

  1. Ahrefs
  2. KeywordKeg
  3. SEO Spyglass
  4. Rank Tracker
  5. Google Workspace
  6. TeamWork Online Project Management System

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Keyword Research and Selection of Target Keywords
The Success of Your SEO Campaign Depends on Thoughtful Selection of Target Keywords
Keyword Research
Keyword research is critical for SEO campaigns, yet seldom receives the attention it deserves.
For us, keyword research does not mean throwing lame keywords in Google Keyword Planner Tool and passing the keywords the Planner spits out as “research”. We do it differently than most SEO companies.
Our keyword research process involves:
1) Brainstorming to understand your business and who your buyers are
2) Determining the nature of keywords (commercial and/or informational) that are best suited for your business
3) Compilation of search volume, competition, and AdWords cost per click data
4) Calculation of Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) for each keyword
Keyword Selection Help
Not selecting the right target keywords can sabotage your SEO campaign even before it starts.
We will be happy to help you select the right target keywords for your SEO campaign. When making recommendations, we keep in mind your website’s focus [commercial or informational], competitive landscape, the website’s content age, and its inbound link profile. Insights gained from running SEO campaigns for over 950 sites come in handy too.


Reputation Enhancement with Optimized Press Releases

We Make Our Clients’ Business Look Good Online
Like you, your prospects also prefer to buy from reputable businesses. It’s important to be visible AND look good online.
You have credible stories to share with the world. It’s just that you didn’t have time or cared to let the world know about your business or the products and/or services you offer.
We will do all the grunt (and smart) work to enhance the reputation and online visibility of your business.
Press Release Syndication
One PR per month. Optimized press releases written by native English writers in the USA and Canada for wider coverage in online media. Distribution to online media sites.
The number of links generated by a press release is unpredictable. It depends on a variety of factors such as the newsworthiness of the PR, your business niche, and target geography. We have seen PRs generating somewhere between 2 and 200 links, which is a wide range.



Conversion Optimization

A Site with a Lot of Non-Converting Traffic is No Better Than a Site with Low or No Traffic

Ok, this is not SEO, but conversion optimization has the potential of seriously improving conversion of inbound traffic into your website’s conversion goal, be it online sales, lead generation, downloads, newsletter signups, video playbacks, etc.
It is surprising that most SEO companies don’t realize the importance of the most important thing, but we do. We will analyze your website from a usability / user experience perspective and make recommendations to remove the hurdles that either prevent conversion or reduce the site’s conversion potential.
Small hinges swing big doors and our seemingly “small” conversion optimization recommendations, if implemented, can have a big impact on the conversion of traffic. Our recommendations, provided during the second month of the SEO campaign, may include moving important elements around, changing call-to-action, colors, button styles etc. Since we are not a web design company, you may have to hire a web designer to implement the conversion optimization recommendations on your website.


Penalty Diagnosis
Not Knowing is Not an Option
Oftentimes, we see that business owners are unaware of what hit their website leading to traffic loss and a drop in sales leads their website was generating. After all, they have a business to run and spending hours/days trying to figure out the reasons for traffic loss may not be the best use of their time.
We will carefully analyze the traffic data in the Google Analytics account of your website along with Google Search Console to find out if your website was hit with an algorithmic or manual penalty. Sometimes, it’s incredibly hard to find out the reason for ranking and traffic loss, but we always give it our best shot.
Algorithmic Penalties
We will find out if any algorithm change by Google hit your website negatively. If we are reasonably confident about the type of algorithm change that impacted the site’s rankings and traffic, we will take corrective measures.
Please note that if onsite or offsite issues triggered the penalty before signing up with us, you would need to work with your previous service provider to resolve the issues, as most of the time only they will be able to undo what was done while the site was under their control.
Manual Penalties
We will find out if your site was manually penalized if information regarding this available in the Google Search Console account of the site. If the penalty was imposed due to onsite issues, we would take corrective measures to try and get the penalty lifted, including filing the Reconsideration Request with Google.
Please note that if offsite issues that triggered the penalty before signing up with us, clients will need to work with their previous service provider to resolve the issues, as most of the time only they will be able to undo what was done by them.


Content Creation
Original Content. Absolutely No Plagiarism, Content Spinning, Other Shortcuts, or Gimmicks
Press Releases
Provide us news topics and relevant details and our content writers will craft press releases making sure your business is shown in a good light while improving the online visibility of your business.
Can’t figure out newsworthy topics for your press releases?
No problem.
We will work with you and help you dig out newsworthy topics. There are at least 49 different newsworthy topics to syndicate on press releases and a few of them are sure to be relevant for your business.
PS: Press releases are written by native English writers in Canada and the US.
No keyword stuffing. We keep it natural so that your press releases get wider coverage in online media.
PPS: Press releases will be sent for your approval before they are distributed online.
Blog Posts for Your Blog
Blog posts are weaved around target keywords and there is absolutely no keyword stuffing. Posts are published on your blog each month.
PS: Blogposts will be sent for your review and approval before they are published on your blog.
Content for Guest Blogging
Guest posts are sent to third-party bloggers for creating links from blogs relevant to your niche. Guest blogging opportunities are *scarce*. We will make every attempt to get links from guest posts by publishing them on third-party blogs each month, but there is no guarantee of success.
Content for Article Marketing
Articles are weaved around target keywords, but there is no keyword stuffing. Articles are posted on external blogs, Web 2.0 sites, and article directories.


Onsite Optimization
Foundation Stone of Your Site’s Organic Rankings. We Go Further Than Just Cosmetic Onsite SEO.
Comprehensive site-wide audit and optimization. Page-specific optimization of target landing pages at the beginning of the project. Recurs each month thereafter.
Depending on technical feasibility or constraints posed by your website’s CMS, some of the onsite SEO steps mentioned below may not be possible to implement on the site. It’s important to mention here that implementing all the onsite SEO steps mentioned below isn’t necessary for high rankings. It’s the combination of common sense onsite SEO and link building that helps in ranking high in search engines.

-Ensuring Compliance with Google’s Panda Algorithm
Google’s Panda filter, now a part of its real-time algorithm, attempts to prevent low-quality sites/pages from ranking high in its search results. If Panda finds “enough” low quality pages on your site, it will sink the rankings of the whole site and not just low quality pages.
Just as safe driving is essential to reaching the destination, avoiding getting hit by Panda or rescuing the site if it’s already hit is essential to achieving higher rankings.
Staying in the good books of Panda is so important that we will start your SEO campaign with a compressive onsite audit aimed at discovering and addressing any quality issues. Thereafter, our monthly audits will make sure that the site continues to stay in compliance with Panda.
Onsite Duplicate Content Issues
Technical, as well as non-technical reasons, can cause duplicate content. Depending on the situation, we use a variety of methods to get rid of duplicate content.
Onsite Thin Content Issues
Thin or shallow content and blank pages need to be avoided like the plague. They need to be deindexed and/or removed from the searched index. We will take care of it all.
Identification and Removal of Spun / Automated / Boilerplate / Aggregated Content
Search engines do not like these content shortcuts, just like the users don’t. We will find and fix these content faux pas as if they never existed.
Offsite or Cross-Domain Duplicate Content Issues
We will find out if your content appears on other websites (yours or third-party) and let you know so that you can take steps to get the duplicate content removed.
Removal of Irrelevant Content
Believe it or not, it’s a real problem.
If your website ever participated in content swaps, guest blogging schemes in the past, there is some chance that content added in the past wasn’t relevant to your website’s theme. If we discover such content during our audit of the site, we will mercilessly cull it.
Deletion of Irrelevant Links
Though reciprocal linking is fast approaching its deathbed, it refuses to die. Reciprocal link exchange oftentimes results in irrelevant links. If we find such links on your website, we will show no mercy when removing them.
Discovery and Removal of 404 Error Pages
While the presence of 404 error pages doesn’t automatically result in ranking loss, a huge number of them is likely to indicate quality issues with the sites and lower your site’s quality.
Finding and Fixing Broken Links
We will dig into your site to find broken internal and external links and fix them, so they stop their negative influence on your site’s overall quality.
Removal of Excessive Call-to-Action
Low-quality sites know that they have only one shot at selling their products and in their desperation to sell, they end up using call-to-actions such as “buy now” umpteenth time. Google knows this and its Panda algorithm makes sure that sites resorting to this tactic do not rank.
We will reduce the frequency of call-to-actions if we find too many occurrences of it during our audit.
Addition of “Trust” Pages to the Site
If privacy policy and copyright notice are already not on your website, we will add them. Adding these pages to your site is not only good for SEO, but it also improves quality score for landing pages if you run PPC ads in Google AdWords.
De-optimization of Website if the Previous SEO Provider Over-optimized the Website
If your website was over-optimized by your previous SEO provider, we will make the necessary changes to avoid Google’s over-optimization or web spam penalty.

-Content Optimization
Content was, is, and will Continue to be King.
Content optimization makes your existing content work harder for you by pulling traffic for your target keywords. We will thoughtfully optimize the content on landing pages for target keywords. If there is no content on landing pages or if the existing content isn’t likely to help, we will provide recommendations for content addition.
Keyword-Landing Page Mapping
Targeting keywords on the right landing pages is crucial for better rankings and conversion. We will identify a suitable landing page for each target keyword at the beginning of your SEO campaign before proceeding to the next step. We will let you know if your site doesn’t have appropriate landing pages for your target keywords.
Page Title Optimization
Page titles are so critical to your site’s ranking success that if we are asked to optimize only one element of your website, it would be page titles.
Page title optimization includes the natural inclusion of target keywords and your business or brand name for a better brand recall by your prospects and customers or clients.
Meta Description Optimization
Meta descriptions are not a ranking factor, but they tend to impact the click-through rate (CTR) from search engine result pages (SERPs). We optimize meta descriptions of target landing pages to improve CTR from SERPs for a better quality of traffic.
Deletion of Meta Keyword Tags
Meta keywords are not taken into account for ranking webpages by Google. Instead, Google is likely to penalize web pages for spam if the meta keyword tag contains irrelevant keywords. We, therefore, delete meta keywords.
Content Optimization
Smart inclusion of target keywords in existing on- page content of landing pages without compromising the soul of the copy. This is done carefully. Very carefully.
Recommendations for Content Addition
To state the obvious, content continues to be king.
If your website doesn’t have landing pages suitable for your campaign’s target keywords, we will let you know. If the keywords have suitable landing pages, but the content on them lacks focus or is too short to be of any consequence for SEO, we will let you know that too.
Content addition is best done by business owners, as they know their business and target audience like the back of their hands. We will let you know what needs to be done for each keyword to help you work with your team or content writer for content addition on landing pages.
Image ALT Tag Optimization
Not being visible, image alt tags are susceptible to keyword stuffing or spamming by SEO companies, but we appreciate that Google engineers are smart enough to know and factor this into their ranking algorithm. Like everything else, we keep things visibly neat even when optimizing this ‘invisible’ attribute.
H1 / H2 Heading Tag Optimization
Page headings are important for readability and conversion. Unnatural insertion of keywords can put off your prospects and prompt them to leave your website even before they start navigating it. Careful optimization of headings tags is important not only for readability and conversion but also for your brand.
Internal Linking Improvement
Internal links are important for crawl efficiency, content discovery by search bots, and search engine rankings. They are important for usability too. We optimize internal links, keeping all these in mind.
Link Anchor Text Optimization
Anchor texts of internal links are important for rankings. They also hand guide website visitors to different sections and pages of your website. This leads to more page loads per visit, more time spent on your website and more exposure for your products and/or services.
We take a holistic view when optimizing link anchor text.
Linking out with Co-citation Links
Linking out judiciously to on-topic, authority pages helps rankings of the pages giving out links. We will provide co-citation links from on-page content where it makes sense.

-Technical Onsite SEO
The Stuff that Could Seriously Hamper Your Site’s Organic Rankings, if Left Unaddressed
PageRank, Structured Data, Canonicals, Search Bots, Robots File, XML, HTML, 301, 302, 404, and Their Cousins. We eat, drink, play, and sleep with them – six days a week.
Crawl Efficiency Improvement
Inefficient crawling not only leads to wasted server resources, but it may also come in the way of indexing pages that matter to your business. We will prevent Googlebot from crawling the pages that don’t need to be crawled so that it spends energy on crawling the pages that need its attention.
Resolution of Canonical Issues
The availability of the same content on different pages due to technical or other reasons can wreck your site’s rankings. We will take care of canonical issues depending on the nature of the problem.
Prevention of PageRank Split
Linking inconsistency not only leads to duplicate content; it splits PageRank among different versions of the same page. We will make sure to consolidate PageRank or link juice to the preferred version of each page.
Implementation of Structured Data Schema
Schema markup or microdata is added to HTML to improve the way webpages are represented in SERPs. We will add schema markup on addresses, recipes, and product pages if CMS of your website allows their implementation.
Robots.txt Optimization
Robots exclusion protocol communicates with search engine crawlers or bots and specifies which areas of the website should not be crawled. Not optimizing robot.txt well could result in crawl inefficiencies or, worse, exclusion of important pages from being indexed by search engines.
We will carefully optimize your website’s robots.txt file to prevent search engines from indexing directories and pages that shouldn’t be indexed. We will also make sure that the pages that need to indexed are not prevented from being crawled by the robots file.
XML Sitemap Creation and Submission
XML sitemap of your website informs search engine crawlers about the pages on your site that they might not otherwise discover and index.
We will create an XML sitemap if your website already doesn’t have one. If it does, we will update the sitemap and make sure it is sanitized of the exclusions in the robots.txt file.
Search Results in Search Results – A No No
Google is against the indexing of internal search results and auto-generated pages in its index. We will make sure this is taken care of.
Recommendations for Page Speed Improvement
Fast loading pages are important for better rankings, but they are critical for user experience and conversion of traffic into sales, as visitors abandon slow-loading pages leading to loss of traffic and eventually, potential business opportunities.
Speed of a website is a result of how it was originally designed/coded. Making fundamental changes to the design and code to improve page speed is beyond the scope of SEO projects. Such changes are made best by web designers / developers of the site.
We will make recommendations for improving your website’s speed, which you can forward to your web developer for implementation.

-Removal of Onsite Spam
Negative Signals Give Bad Vibes to Search Engines
In the age of multiple spam filters and thousands of human reviewers, culling negative signals is critical for better search engine visibility. We will make sure your site is squeaky clean after we run it through our SEO machine.
Detection and Removal of Spam
Onsite spam comes in many flavors: cloaking, hidden text, single-pixel links, boilerplate text, doorway pages, sneaky redirects, auto-generated content, etc. Sometimes it’s intentional and sometimes it’s not. Whatever the reason for its existence, it needs to be removed and we will do so.


Offsite Optimization

-Inbound Link Creation / Submissions

100% Manual. No Automated Submissions.
Inbound links to your site will be built keeping Google’s Penguin algorithm in mind. We make sure that a majority of links are built with non-commercial anchor text using your business’ name, brand name, website name, website URL, bare URLs of internal pages. We also create links with generic anchor text such as “visit website”, “click here” etc. to keep the link profile natural and not commit excesses such as commercial anchor text, site-wide links, etc.

Your link building campaign will be run with a combination of target keywords in link anchor text and corresponding description for maximum impact. We also create links with bare URLs and non-keyword anchor text to make the link profile look natural. All link submissions are done gradually and in a staggered fashion to avoid tripping search engine filters.
Niche Citation Building
Submission to niche directories relevant to your business. Since there are only a few niche directories in any business domain, these submissions stop when your site has been submitted to the maximum available niche directories.
National Citation Building
Submission to national directories. Since there are only a few national directories in any country, these submissions will stop when your site has been submitted to the maximum available national directories.
Local Citation Building
Submission to online local directories and yellow pages. Since there are not a lot of local directories and yellow pages, these submissions stop when your site has been submitted to the maximum available local directories in your city/county/state.
Inbound Links from Press Releases
See the “Reputation Enhancement with Optimized Press Releases” section at the beginning of this table for details.
Inbound Links from Guest Blogging
Guest blogging opportunities are *scarce*. We will make every attempt to get links from guest posts by publishing them on third-party blogs each month, but there is no guarantee of success.
Inbound Links from Article Marketing
From article directories, web 2.0 sites, or thirty-party blogs.

-Google Search Console Settings Optimization
Google Search Console (GSC) is a free service offered by Google that helps website owners monitor and manage (to a limited extent) their site’s presence in Google search results. We will use the Google Search Console account of your website to understand how Google views your site and optimize its performance in search results. Please note that depending on the nature of your website some of the features listed in this section may not be required to be optimized.
Site-wide Audience Targeting
We will configure your Google Search Console account to let Google know the location of the majority of your target audience.
Page-level Audience Targeting
If your website serves users from around the world with content translated or targeted to users in a certain region, we will make sure that Google serves the correct language or regional URL of your website in its search results.
Fetch as Google
This tool simulates a crawl and renders execution as done in Google’s normal crawling and rendering process, and is useful for debugging crawl issues on your site.
We will use ‘Fetch as Google’ tool to test whether Googlebot can access pages on your site, how it renders them, and whether any page resources (such as images or scripts) are blocked to Googlebot.
Fixing Crawl Errors
Website crawl errors can prevent some or all pages of your websites from appearing in search results. We will find and fix them.
URL Parameter Set Up
We will configure the URL Parameter tool to take care of duplicate content issues and improve the crawl efficiency of your site if the site has crawl issues.
XML Sitemap Submission
We will update and submit the XML sitemap of your website to Google using Google Search Console after implementing on-page SEO changes on the site.

-Generation of Branded Search Query Volume
It’s a well-known fact that Google prefers to rank sites of big brands ahead of other sites. We will increase branded search query volume for your site to let Google know that your site isn’t just another site on the Internet. We do so by manually searching Google for your site name, product names, and branded keywords to steadily increase branded search query volume for your site.

-Pinging of Inbound Links to Google
We ping the inbound links to Google to get the links indexed and counted for rankings.

-Recommendation Regarding Domain Time to Expiration
We will make a recommendation regarding your domain’s time to expiration.


Local SEO
No Longer an Afterthought
Being found online by their local community is obviously important for local businesses such as restaurants. Local SEO provides important ranking signals to Google that help businesses that aim to rank nationally and/or internationally.
Onsite Optimization for Local SEO
Name.Address.Phone. In the footer and on the Contact Us page using’s structured data format.

-Offsite Optimization for Local SEO
Google Business Profile
Your Business Profile lets you connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.
We will review and / or optimize your Google Business Profile listing to make sure you get the best results from listing.
Bing Places for Business
Bing Places helps businesses get found when customers search from their computer, tablet or mobile phone.
We will optimize your Bing Places listing to make sure you get the best results from your Bing Places listing.
Citation Building
Creation of citations from niche, local, and national directories. For details, see the Citation Building sub- section of the Offsite SEO section of this proposal.


Google Analytics Dashboards
“What Gets Measured, Gets Managed” – Peter Drucker
We know you kind of hate to lose your way trying to find meaningful data in Google Analytics. We too occasionally find ourselves in the same boat and know from experience that finding the data that matters can be a herculean task and a frustrating experience.
There are better things to do in life than banging your head against the Great Wall of Google Analytics.
To eliminate the hassles and the time lost in Google Analytics maze, we will create up to nine dashboards displaying the vital statistics within two clicks of your handy mouse. We are sure you will love us…sorry…the dashboards.☺ Creating these dashboards takes hours, and we are happy to slug it out for you.

Goal Setting for Conversion Tracking
Goals allow you to measure conversions on your site. A goal represents a completed activity (called a conversion) that contributes to the success of your business. Examples of goals include making a purchase (for an ecommerce site), completing a game level (for a mobile gaming app), or submitting a contact form (for a marketing or lead generation site).
We will set up goal(s) specific to your site’s intended conversion goal(s).
Goal Completion Dashboard
Total conversion, conversion rate, value, conversion by traffic source, by landing page, keyword, visitor country, cities, age, social network, referral traffic, and by the device (desktop, mobile, and tablet).
Organic Traffic Dashboard
Details of traffic from Google, Bing and other search engines. Number of visitors from search engines, goal completion, conversion rate for organic traffic, conversion value from organic traffic, page loads per session, average time per visit, organic traffic by keyword, by source/medium, by landing page, country, city, and by device type (desktop, mobile and tablet).
Social Media Traffic Dashboard
Analyze the traffic to your site from social media. Number of visitors from social networks, new visitor acquisition from social media, traffic by social network, goal completions, conversion rate for social traffic, conversion value of social traffic, page loads per session, average time per visit from social media, top landing pages, social traffic by country and city, and most shared content.
Mobile Traffic Dashboard
Twelve widgets with smartphone and tablet traffic metrics such as traffic from mobile devices, traffic by device model (iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc.), goal completion, conversion rate and conversion value from mobiles and tablets, page loads and average time per visit of mobile users. Also shown are mobile visitors by the country. Two donut charts showing total and organic traffic by device category.
Referral Traffic Dashboard
Visitors from your links on other sites on the internet. Find out the number of visitors from referral traffic, goal completions, the conversion rate for referral traffic, conversion value of referral traffic, page loads per session, average time per visit, top ten websites sending referral traffic, top ten webpages sending referral traffic. Get referral traffic data for the top ten cities and countries.
Direct Traffic Dashboard

Direct site visitors are most probably your fans. Understand how they interact with your site with metrics such as the number of visitors, user type (new vs returning) goal completions, conversion rate, conversion value, page loads per session, average time per visit, direct traffic by country and city, and by a device (desktop, mobile, and tablet).
Content Analysis Dashboard
Know the content that performs better in terms of page views, visits, etc. Find out which countries and cities your content is popular in. The dashboard also lets you know the average time and bounce rate for top content and also top landing and exit pages. Also, find out content views and average time on page by traffic source – organic, social, referral, and direct.
Behavior Analysis Dashboard
This dashboard reveals visitor behavior on your site. From average time spent on pages from each traffic source, to bounce rate by traffic sources, and visitor engagement by device type to the most engaging traffic sources. There are seven widgets on this dashboard.
Know Thy Visitor – Visitor Profile Dashboard
Your website’s traffic segmented by age, gender, county, city, device, mobile models, affinity, etc. Eleven metrics in all.
Gender Insights Dashboard
Find out how male and female visitors interact with your website’s content, the age range of male and female visitors along with goal conversion rate and top traffic sources sending male and female users. There will be ten widgets providing you insights that are otherwise deeply buried in Google’s analytics data.


Security Audit
Compromised Websites are Traffic Graveyards
According to Google, 12 to 14 million searches per day returned hacked sites to online searchers and Google finds about 9,500 malicious websites every day that’s about 300,000 per month. Hacking, done for a variety of reasons, is prevalent and we find hacked client sites on a fairly regular basis.
Hacked sites are categorized as either compromised (content and links have changed) or harmful (visitors’ computers may get infected with malware). To protect their users, Google and other search engines may prevent the “attacked” sites from ranking or label them as “hacked site” leading to a severe loss of traffic.
Security Audit
We will audit your website to find out if the site was hacked.
Malware Removal
If the site is found to be hacked, we will try to remove the malicious code from the site. Please note that we are not security experts, therefore sometimes we are unable to remove the compromised code. In that case, we would recommend hiring an expert web developer or security expert to take care of the issue.
Filing Request for Review
Once the malware has been removed, we will request a review of the site by Google and Bing to get the warning label dropped.


Video SEO
For Self and Third-Party Hosted Videos
Videos continue to flourish on the internet and are a very important tool for effective communication with prospects. But here is the problem.
Search engine bots can’t watch, listen to, or understand the contents of videos to rank them high. They need help and we are happy to help with our video SEO expertise.
Optimization of Pages with Embedded Videos
Helps in returning search results that lead people to watch the video on your website rather than YouTube. Improves the visual appearance of your SERP listing with video thumbnail.
YouTube Video Optimization
Optimization of videos hosted on your YouTube channel or other third-party video hosting services. Improves rankings of videos in Google as well as YouTube’s native search results.
Video Sitemap Creation
Done for self-hosted as well as for videos hosted on third-party services such as YouTube, Wistia, or Vimeo.
Video Sitemap Submission
We will let the location of your videos be known to search engines using Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools accounts of your site.
Rich Snippet Markup or Structured Data for Videos
We will add structured data markup to your videos if CMS of your website allows the implementation of markups.
Video Transcript
Search engines love text content, and that’s true as well for pages that host videos. To help search engines understand the content of videos, we will add human-written transcript of videos on pages where videos are hosted on your website.
Please note that video transcripts are provided free of cost for a total running length of 30 minutes of video(s). If the total running length of your videos is more than 30 minutes, an additional fee will be applicable. We will start transcription only after your express consent.


Link Audit
For Staying in the Good Books of Google’s Penguin Algorithm.
Almost no one feared the aquatic, flightless bird from the southern hemisphere until April 2012 when Google launched the Penguin algorithm to curb the aggressive link spam aimed at manipulating search results. Now, it’s the most dreaded bird, at least in the search industry.
Staying clear of Penguin’s clutches is critical, as Penguin sinks rankings like they never existed. The only way to do so is to audit inbound links on a regular basis and disavow the links that are likely to invite Penguin’s wrath.
We look at 17 qualitative and quantitative metrics when auditing inbound links to decide which links to disavow and which to continue embracing.
Link Audit for Penguin Compliance
Comprehensive audit of your site’s link profile to avoid any existing or potential problems that may trip Google’s Penguin algorithm and hurt the site’s rankings.
Link audit starts from the second month of the campaign and is done once every three months during the course of the SEO campaign.


Mobile SEO
Mobile is the New Black
“More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan”: Google
“By 2019, more than 50 percent of users will use a tablet or smartphone first for all online activities”: Gartner, IT research and advisory company.
“The emergence of smartphones has significantly impacted the Internet access landscape around the world. In developed countries, mobile online penetration is quickly catching up as existing online users take up the mobile Internet, but in developing markets, mobile plays the role of the first-access device for the majority of the population”: Forrester Research, research and advisory firm.
Mobiles and tablets are the new desktops and we won’t preach the virtues of being mobile-friendly or how important it is to be visible on mobile devices so that your business gets found anytime, anywhere when your prospects are searching for a product or service like yours.
Please note that mobile SEO can be done only on responsive websites or on mobile sites that load on dedicated subdomains such as If your site isn’t mobile-friendly yet, we recommend you work with us or your current web designer to make it so, ASAP.
Mobile-Friendly Test
A thorough check to see if your site is mobile friendly. If it is then to what extent and what else needs to be done to make it perform even better on mobile devices.
Finding and Fixing Crawl Errors
We will make sure that search smartphone bots are able to efficiently crawl and index your responsive or mobile site.
Making Resources Available to Search Engines
If CSS and JavaScripts are blocked, we will make them available to search engines’ smartphone bots to help them better understand your website and render suitable pages in the desktop and mobile search results.
Robots.txt Optimization for Mobile SEO
Required for dedicated mobile sites. We will optimize the robots.txt file of your mobile website for improving the site’s crawl efficiency.
Fixing Faulty Redirects
If your desktop site, when accessed from mobiles, isn’t properly redirecting mobile users to relevant pages on the mobile site, we will fix the problem.
Mobile Sitemap Creation
Required for dedicated mobile sites. if your site has a specially formatted version designed for mobile devices, we will create a separate mobile sitemap to allow search engines to better serve search requests from mobile devices and lead mobile users to your website pages.
Mobile Sitemap Submission
Required for dedicated mobile sites. We will submit the XML sitemap for your mobile site Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.


A Monthly Report Card of How We Did on Your SEO Campaign
Ranking Report
Showing rankings of your target keywords in Google and Bing. The report will include the latest and historical rankings since the beginning of the campaign.
Link Building Report
A detailed report of the inbound links created and submitted for your website during the last 30 days of your SEO campaign.
Press Release Report
A detailed report of where your press releases were published online.


Signup Bonuses
Grab Them before They are Gone!
They say the good things in life are free, but unfortunately, most of them do not last forever. The same is true for bonuses listed below. Grab the bonuses below before they are discontinued.
WordPress Blog Installation, Setup, and Optimization
If your website already doesn’t have a self-hosted blog, we will install one provided the CMS of the site allows us to do so.
$179 value
Free Implementation of Onsite SEO Changes on Your Website and Blog
Unlike the ridiculously high-paid SEO consultants who send their recommendations and leave you high and dry when it comes to implementation of the recommendations on your website, we will take care of it all so you can concentrate on running your business.
After we audit your website and write a detailed SEO plan, we will send it to you for your approval. Once approved, we will implement on-site SEO changes on your website and its blog.
At least $199 value in the first month and up to $99 per month each subsequent month.


Fixed-rate Pricing:
We work only on a fixed-rate basis. We do not work on an hourly basis. In our experience, fixed-rate pricing provides the greatest value and peace of mind to our clients, as it eliminates billing surprises and resulting bitterness.


Payment Terms:
An advance deposit is required at the beginning of each monthly campaign cycle.


##Important Notes – Please Read

  • Each SEO Package mentioned above is for one website only. These Packages cannot be shared between multiple websites.
  • On-page SEO changes are made on target landing pages to be optimized for high rankings in Google.
  • We prefer to make on-page SEO changes ourselves and do so for about 95% of sites we optimize. However, in some cases, due to our unfamiliarity with the technology of a website or complexity of the website’s code, we prefer not to implement on-SEO by ourselves and request the clients that the changes be made by the developers of the site to avoid complications. We will write a detailed on-page SEO Plan (with clear instructions) to help developers implement on-page SEO changes.
  • This proposal is for improving the rankings of keywords in Google’s organic results. These efforts are also likely to improve the rankings of the site in Google Maps.
  • Changing target keywords is allowed, but the keywords can’t be changed mid-way through a monthly campaign, as that essentially means restarting the campaign for the new keywords. There will an additional setup fee of $100 if keywords are changed mid-way through the monthly campaigns. However, no additional fee will be changed if a Package is upgraded to target more keywords. Downgrading a Package and changing keywords mid-way through the monthly campaign will also incur an additional fee of US$100.

o “mid-way” is defined as 5 days from the date of start of the monthly campaign. For example, if a monthly campaign starts on 5th of each month, keywords can’t be changed after 9th of the month. Changing the keywords after 9th would incur an additional fee of US$100.


More Details on Offsite SEO or Link Building Work
Link Building Process and Quality:
Link building campaign is run with a combination of a target keyword in link anchor text and a corresponding description for maximum impact. We also create links with bare URLs and non-keyworded anchor text to make the link profile look natural to Google. All link submissions are done gradually and in a staggered fashion to avoid tripping search engine filters.
Unlike typical link building services that resort to mass linking to impress their clients into paying more, we place emphasis on factors such as link velocity, link acceleration, diversity of link anchor text, deep link ratio along with link description surrounding the links. In short, we do ‘clinical’ link building than ‘mass’ linking, as mass linking can hurt a site’s ranking by tripping spam filters. We have helped several sites (victims of mass linking) rank better by actually deleting or disavowing links!

Link Building Criteria:

  1. One-way (non-reciprocal) links only
  2. IP diverse links — links from unique C-class IP addresses
  3. No links with redirect scripts
  4. No JavaScript links
  5. No links from pages with frames
  6. No links from link farms, porn, adult or casino websites and the sites containing offensive content
  7. No email spam to solicit links. If emails are sent, they conform to CAN-SPAM act.
  8. To make them look “natural” to search engines, links won’t be created ‘evenly’ on all days in a month i.e. on some days, only a few links will be created, on others many links will be created and on some days no links will be created at all.
  9. “nofollow” links are created to make the link profile look natural to search engines.
  10. In addition to keyworded anchor text links, many links created by us will have bare URLs and non- keyworded anchor text such as ‘homepage’, ‘click here’, etc. This is deliberately done to make the link profile of the site look natural to search engines.
  11. Links may or may not be from sites relevant to your niche.####

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