About Us

We are thrilled that you are here.

Nothing gets us more excited than new eService projects that challenge us in doing what we do best, bringing you closer to your market.

We Walk the Walk

There isn’t a single process that we encourage our clients to implement that isn’t being executed here at eUnleash.

Relationships are guaranteed when pairing our powerful tools along with our proven success methods. Wether you are simply inquiring or thinking of launching your second business with us, you will have an excited and motivated team sitting at the round table with you every step of the way.

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“We bring businesses closer to their clients.”

Our Values Define Us

Transactions take place once a relationship is established and trust exists. Today’s empowered market expects to feel your reciprocity now more than ever. Connection is a basic human need and this focus keeps us motivated and in business. It’s what we represent!

Trends and tendencies fascinate us, especially those of our friends in the marketplace. It’s what we love! If we wish to forecast and serve appropriately, getting to know the magic of people is key.

Our company’s culture promotes excellence as a standard. It’s who we are! Organizations excel as the individuals within it grow beyond themselves. We adapt and evolve, so that we can show others how to do the same.

Service is our calling. Sharing our expertise and implementing our proven strategies to bring you tangible results completes us. It’s what we do!

Meet the Founder

Andres Fernandez is a millennial with a passion for entrepreneurship and teaching others. Over the course of 15 years in business and education, he developed a love for technology and people equally. Andres finds the two integrating at a rate that will leave businesses expiring faster than they can say it, if left to their old ways of connecting. With an undying drive to help, eUnleash was born. He is honored to lead the eService movement by optimizing businesses new and old in the digital space.


“As agents of change, it is the duty of the entrepreneur to evolve with their marketplace.”

Andres Fernandez
Miami, FL
Owner and Developer


Let’s unfold your eService possibilities.